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Clothing-aid for inclement weather and natural disasters

2013 Pakistan earthquake, California wildfires

2012 Hurricane Sandy

2011 Great East Japan earthquake and typhoon

2010 Haiti earthquake

2009 El Salvador floods

2008 Sichuan earthquake

These are just a few of the large scale disasters that have occurred recently and are happening every year somewhere in the world.  

An unfortunate trend has accompanied every large-scale natural disaster.  Donated clothing that is used as aid does more harm than good.  The slow and inefficient process of collecting and transporting aid has hindered key transportation points at airports, shipping docks and roads at disaster sites while leaving a large carbon footprint by being transported over long distances. Unfortunately, once the clothing arrives, it is often found to be culturally inappropriate, climatically unsuitable, and difficult to sort and distribute.

Can you imagine an old wedding gown being useful during an emergency?

How would you wear a torn tank top in a cold weather climate?

Up to 60% of clothing donations are unusable and wasted.

After iterative consultations with disaster survivors and relief workers, we designed a clothing-aid product called “Survival Plus”.  Survival Plus is a one-size fits all multi-functional product. With unique, 5-in-1 functionality, the product can easily be converted for use as:

Interclo Cover photo

  1. Jacket
  2. Shawl
  3. Mat
  4. Sleeping Bag
  5. Blanket

This lightweight, windproof and waterproof product is designed specifically to benefit emergency survivors as well as everyone that wants to proactively prepare for unpredictable weather. Its ease of use can also immediately benefit previously overlooked individuals, like those with limited mobility, the elderly, expectant mothers and the injured. Survival Plus comes in its own reusable bag and contains several detachable pockets offering storage for valuables, food, and identification.

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