The Advantages of Vintage Wedding Dresses

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Vintage Wedding Dresses – Couple usually looking for something different for their wedding.  A vintage wedding dress can be a solution for that. Vintage style is a fashion  style came from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day. It usually refers to an immitation style came from previous era. A vintage wedding dress is  similar from vintage style. It is a wedding dress style that reproduction or copying from an older style. The designer can get the style from an old hollywood movie, an old fashion magazines or even a wedding picture of their grandparents.

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What is the advantage to have the a vintage wedding dress?

Low cost

You can have vintage wedding dress by remaking the old  dress. It will look different because there is history on the dress. It is a dress when grandma used that in her wedding, make your wedding a special moment to member of family.

Unusual style

Like a concept you’ve been thingking, a different style with something unusual.  A vintage wedding dress is a solution from that style. It is totally different from the contemporary wedding dresses available today. Vintage style not only for the bride but mother of the bride also wearing it.  An unique vintage style also for decoration the place to make an unique moment and a vintage style photo.

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Readily Available

 It is available in online auction site. It is possible to find a vintage wedding dress for and also accessories match with the style from all over the world. You can add a material to look more geourgeous, like a long necklace sound nice.

The Styles

Vintage wedding dress can be based on which years you decided as your wedding theme.  In back time wedding style divided into two parts: during the war and after the war. During the war, vintage wedding dress was limited. Both food and clothing is limited. The bride usually wearing practical dresses. They even borrowed wedding dress from former bride or borrowed from the church.

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After the wars,from late 1940s- in early 1950s, vintage wedding dress more fashionable. They had design elements like gibson or mutton sleeves, netting at the neckline, emphasist on waist, often with “v” shapes anda made of rayon, though silk

Whatever, every bride wants to be beautiful in dress. Even during the wars when everything is limited, vintage wedding dress look simple but elegant.

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