Find Inspiring Ideas of Affordable Wedding Invitation For Budget Wedding

Affordable Wedding Invitation Ideas

Invitation is the first part of your wedding that the guest will get. Most people also call wedding invitation as a teaser of your wedding day. From the invitation, guests can get a snap about your wedding concept. Because of that, people tend to choose their wedding invitation very carefully. However, choosing wedding invitation will affect the wedding budget. And of course, it can result in a very expensive price. That is why people want to find more affordable wedding invitation choices. In average, people spent around US$200 for wedding invitation. It excludes other cards such as engagement invitation card, wedding shower card, and others. It is a very high price for papers only. So, learn these following tips and trick to find ideas for your affordable wedding invitation.

Unique Affordable Wedding nvitation

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Simple Affordable Wedding Invitation

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Affordable Wedding Invitation Tips and Ideas

Choose Affordable Paper

Paper is the key of the wedding invitation. In order to get affordable wedding invitation, you need affordable paper. It is true that cotton paper is very elegant for invitation card, but it is very expensive. Just choose other kind of paper. In fact, there are many other chic but affordable papers to choose

 You can choose linen paper as an alternative. It is cheaper than the cotton, but it is also good in quality. It has textured surface and don’t left behind in elegance part. Avoid using matte paper or shiny paper. This kind of paper actually has expensive price.

Next, you can also use recycled paper and craft card stock in exchange of cotton or linen paper. This paper has cheaper price for more than 75% than cotton paper. Please also note to avoid special paper such as bamboo papers. Natural paper like that will cost more because it is a handmade stuff.

Pink Affordable Wedding Invitation

New Affordable Wedding Invitation Design

Keep in Mind about the Design Details

The more complicated the design is, the higher the invitation card will cost. Extra details such as layers and pockets need more care. So, the invitation card will be more expensive. You can follow this following list for designing your wedding invitation.

  • Use two font styles at maximum.

Do not ever consider to put more than two font styles. Beside it will over design your invitation card, it will also cost more because charge.

  • Avoid metallic and neon colors.

These two colors is not commonly use color. So if you use it, the printing company will charge you extra money. To find your affordable wedding invitation, please keep in mind to avoid these two colors.
Luxurious Affordable Wedding Invitation

Elegant Affordable Wedding Invitation

  • Use single-panel cards rather than folded cards.

By use this tips you can savings until 50% your budget wedding. How do you think? It is so worth to find more affordable wedding invitation, right? The money saved can be use in other needs.

  • Avoid invitation card in various shape.

Just use typical paper shape which is rectangular. It is very simple and also more affordable wedding invitation. Other shapes can cost more, because it needs special care in cutting process.
Cute Affordable Wedding Invitation

Black and White Affordable Wedding Invitation

  • Use enough space of card size.

You need to use cards as effective as you can. Avoid bigger size for wedding invitation. Because it affects design cost and printing cost.

  • Avoid rounded corners.

Use rounded corners will cost you more price than normal corners. To make rounded corners, the printing company needs extra tools and extra works.

Affordable Wedding Invitation

Affordable Wedding Invitation Template

So, that is all the tips and tricks you can use to find your affordable wedding invitation. If you are careful enough, you can find more affordable wedding invitation. There is no need for expensive cards and such. Just design it simply but meaningful. Because wedding day is not only judged by its wedding invitation only.