5 Creatif Wedding Favor Ideas You Must Try

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Nowadays, there are so many wedding favor ideas. Because wedding favors is a way to express gratitude to wedding guest, it will need more attention. You can not express your gratitude half-heartedly as the bride and groom. Your wedding ceremony and reception will not look complete without guests. So, existences of guests are indeed very important.

Giving wedding favors to guest is a tradition from old days which need to be remained. It started in 16th century in England. There, people were common to give their wedding guests ribbon and lace. Ribbon and lace are represent how their bond of love. It also means that the knot has tied and the guests should know. But later on, the beauty of ribbon and lace can also use as wedding favor to thank the guests.

Cute Flash Drive Wedding Favor Ideas

Cup of Tea Wedding Favor Ideas

Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

As have been said before, in old tradition wedding couple is giving away ribbon and lace as wedding favors. But as the time goes on, people tend to get more creative. The form of wedding favors is change follow the trend and the place. Every country has it common form of wedding favors as example.

In general the use of ribbon and lace as wedding favors has change. The wedding favor ideas nowadays are only use ribbon and lace as decorations. But the wedding favor ideas are widely spread. From food, drinks, seed, and soil are use as creative wedding favor ideas.

Photo Coaster Wedding Favor Ideas

Plant Wedding Favor Ideas at poty

5 Wedding Favor Ideas

For your reference, here are 5 wedding favor ideas. This ideas are chosen because its uniqueness. You can also personalize this idea as you want. Maybe you can make more creative wedding favor to your wedding guests.

  • Flash Drive Wedding Favor

This idea of wedding favor is a bit expensive, but it is much recommended. As a gesture of gratitude you can give away a flash drive. The flash drive will load your couple memories. Or you can get creative by sending the flash drive with pictures from your wedding day. Make sure to include every guest photos.

Flash Drive Wedding Favor Ideas

Flash Drive Wood Wedding Favor Ideas

This idea is a very fresh wedding favor idea. Because we can not send the guest home empty-handed, why don’t we give them something which can save the earth? Giving away plant as wedding favor is very eco-friendly. It will last long because it is not useable stuff. The guest can grow it and reminded of your wedding day every time they saw the plant. Embedded your couple name or initial in the plant pot and let it grow as your love will grow each day.

Tree Wedding Favor Ideas

Plant Wedding Favor Ideas at poty

  • Chocolate Pies Wedding Favor

Chocolate is a very sweet way to express your sweet love. Giving away chocolate pies as wedding favor will make the guest remember how sweet your love is. To make it more meaningful you can bake it by yourself. Make it simple and pretty. You can also make your couple initial using Perfect Chocolate Whipped Cream.

Cute Chocolate Pies Wedding Favor Ideas

Honestly wedding occasion is really a tiring situation. Giving away tea package will soothing and relaxing the guest after the occasion. They can also remember you and your wedding as drinking the tea. How relaxing!

Tea Package Wedding Favor Ideas

Tea Bag Package Wedding Favor Ideas

Giving away a beautiful photo coaster to your guest is really great idea. It is a functional and affordable wedding favor. You just need to get the place to make it, use beautiful pictures and print it as a coaster. Your guests will feel very happy to give such beautiful gifts.

Photo Coaster Nautical Wedding Favor Ideas

That is all 5 wedding favor ideas along with its history. You need to come with great idea to make your wedding meaningful. On your wedding day, not only your happiness is important but your guest’s happiness is also important.

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