Style of Diamond Stud Earrings for Wedding Day

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Diamond stud earrings for women are not strange stuff. Almost every women use earrings nowadays. Even though long time ago earrings were not used in general. But, do not mistake that there is only one kind of earring. Actually, there are many forms of earrings.

One of them is stud earrings. Do you know what stud earrings are? Stud earrings are one form of earring which much used. It main characteristics is the style and form. It appears as floating earrings on the earlobe. From the front view, the earrings have no visible connection to ear.

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Why it is possible for attached to earlobe without connection? Actually stud earrings also have connection to earlobe, but it can not be seen from front view. Stud earrings are attached to earlobe by penetrates through it. After it penetrates the earlobe, the post is held by using a clutch. This clutch is often made from the same material of the earrings or rubber.

Design and Style of Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are commonly come in the form of diamond. Then, it is publicly known as diamond stud earrings. But, there is also stud earrings made from other materials. Stud earrings made from diamond is very elegant looking. It looks very pretty on top of that.

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It may features one or more gemstones. Because it will “floating” on ear, it doesn’t come in big size. Diamond stud earrings come in the small to medium size only. And because of the small size, this jewelry must have special cuts to be notice.

A jewelry use to gain interest and attention. It applies the same to diamond stud earrings. Even it is not possible to come in big size, gaining attention still is. Here are type of diamond stud earrings cuts which loved by customers:

Square Gold & Diamond Stud Earrings

Square Diamond Stud Earrings

  • One Diamond Cut

This type of cuts is very loved by most of working women. It looks simple of course, because it only has one diamond. But, diamonds are never fails. Even only one is constructed in the earrings, its brightness still captivating enough. Beside its simple design, this type of cuts is also safe enough to use in daily activities. Either for work or school, it matches every situation.

  • More than One Diamonds Cut

Cut of this diamond stud earrings are one of the most beautiful jewelry in world. More than one diamond combines as earrings to beautify women’s ear. It will express elegant hint and sparkling when in used. This type of cut will look so stunning when used along with formal attire like evening dress.

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Use Diamond Stud Earrings on Your Wedding Day

It is reasonable for every woman wants to be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. Brides want to use the best dress, the best shoes, and of course the best jewelries and accessories. It makes her confidence boost up and satisfied with her wedding day.

Jewelry to use on wedding day includes necklace, bracelet, and earrings. As it has said before, wedding day always need the best stuff. So, it also applied to wedding jewelry such as earrings. Even it is small, it has big impact whether to make it better or worsen.

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earrings are the best choice for wedding day. it has timeless design and will never go wrong. For the color and size choices, earrings can be making as the user preference. earrings are advantages the bride because it gets attention from its viewers.

Now it is the end of the discussion. For conclusion, earrings are jewelry which are very recommended for bride on her wedding day.