Diamond Tennis Bracelet, a Simple yet Beautiful Jewelry

Diamond Tennis Bracelet on Wrist

What do you think when you hear about diamond tennis bracelet for the first time? For me, the first time I heard it, I thought it is a bracelet with tennis ball pendant. Don’t you find it funny? Or maybe you also don’t know what diamond tennis bracelet is? Well, if that is the case then you must very grateful for finding this article. Because now we will get to know what diamond tennis bracelet is.

Actually, diamond tennis bracelet does not have any tennis ball pendant like I imagined. It is a single bracelet made with small diamonds. But there is a story behind the name of this jewelry. Find out why it is called diamond tennis bracelet in the paragraph below.

Vintage Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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History of Diamond Tennis Bracelet Name

Diamond tennis bracelet first time called by that name was in the 1987. At that time, U.S. Open of tennis match was held. A tennis athlete, Chris Evert was also playing at the competition. She was playing a game vigorously, when all of a sudden her diamond bracelet unclasped. The diamond bracelet then fallen on the court. This malfunction made the tennis athlete asked for time to retrieve her diamond bracelet. Because of this malfunction, many people referred diamond bracelet as diamond tennis bracelets. And it made a tennis athlete “work harder” in a game.

Design and Style of Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond tennis bracelets is designed lightweight. This is the reason behind so many athlete used this bracelet. The lightweight of the bracelet makes it ideal to use in sport match. For women in general, lightweight jewelry is also very wanted. Many women hesitate in using jewelry because of its weight. So having lightweight bracelet such as diamond tennis bracelet is such a fresh air.

Rose Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Gold

The styling of the diamond tennis bracelet is come with flexible form. It will not ding when it used. It comes with inline diamonds which are very pretty despite simplicity. For the color of the bracelet, you can choose aquamarine colors or emerald colors. Both colors are pretty is unquestionable, but find one that match your skin or eyes color is better.

Save to Use Advices

As we have talk about before, this bracelet name after a malfunction use. Of course, you don’t want the malfunction also happen to you, right?  Then, do not forget to make a safety clasp on your diamond tennis bracelet.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Zales

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Yellow Gold

Christ Evert’s diamond tennis bracelet did not have safety clasp. So when she was playing game it fell off. To avoid the malfunction, you just need to ask for custom safety clasp. Make it safe enough for you to use to every event, even the most crowded one. Because it is cut a waste to not use this bracelet because you worry it will fall off.

After all you also need to consider the cut and the carat weight. Even in average it is consider lightweight, it can be different if it has different cuts. So, make sure to get the bracelet that gives the setting and style you want and need.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet White Gold

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Tiffany

That is all about diamond tennis bracelet. It really comes with such an interesting story. That is why, more and more people want to have it. This diamond tennis bracelet also can not go wrong to use in your wedding day. It is safe and will not disturb you because its weight. For the beauty level, I guarantee it will not lose to any other bracelets.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Ebay

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Costco

It is much recommended to use, don’t you think so? Anyway have a great day to finding the diamond tennis bracelet.