How to Choose Your Beautiful Wedding Cakes

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Beautiful Wedding Cakes : Wedding cake is an important element in your special day besides the gown and shoes. Some couples have the admiration of sweet tooth that they decide to have gorgeous wedding cake. The confectionary world lends its creativity to cake decorations which allow brides and grooms to have perfectly crafted wedding cakes that are also delicious.

Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes in The World

Beautiful Wedding Cakes With Fountains

Beautiful Flower Wedding Cakes

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Choosing beautiful wedding cakes can be tricky. It has to involve flavor, décor, the portion and the budget. The best way to start the quest is to Google it!

There are thousands of wedding cake designs that can be quite overwhelming. Pinterest is another place to search for. It is a good thing to have sets of inspiration before calling a bakery to work on your wedding cake. When trying to create something original, mix a few ideas in one and match it with the party theme.

Beautiful Wedding Cakes With Bling

Awesome & Beautiful Wedding Cakes With Fountains

Budget is another thing. Everyone loves the idea of cascading, tall and huge wedding cake. But what if it is way more than your budget? Alternatively, you can look for cakes that will look gorgeous even on tight budget. It is important to let the artist knows that you have a specific range of budget so they will not overcoat the cakes with glitter and sugar.

Decide on the portion and style. Both are necessary because it will be something you share with the guests. Don’t let any drama scene where some of the guests don’t get the chance to taste your beautiful wedding cakes. Some trends to follow on cake decorating are the ombre icing, flower décor, and unique quotes on the cakes.

Martha Stewart beautiful wedding cakes

Martha Stewart Beautiful Rustic White Wedding Cakes

Martha Stewart wedding cakes 

Martha Stewart is the lady loved by any wedding couple. She has delectable choices of cakes with unique décor that is meaningful too. It seems that all of her wedding cakes are simple but gorgeous. Pastel colors with a cute wedding topper- this should create big impact to your special day. Or, if you prefer old time favorites, Stewart’s cakes are the best inspiration to seek.

Martha Stewart Beautiful Rustic Wedding Cakes

Martha Stewart Beautfiul Chees Wedding Cakes

Gorgeous wedding cakes 

Beautiful wedding cakes don’t have to be very tall or very huge. As long as you can décor it properly, it becomes a gorgeous sweet tooth that everyone would give compliment to. You can opt for mini confections and put them in tiers or simply look for a single wedding cake but beautifully decorated according to your wedding theme.

Gorgeous Beautiful White & Black Wedding Cakes

Gorgeous Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Gorgeous Beautiful Wedding Cakes With Bling

Gorgeous Beautiful Wedding Cakes Pink