Purple Wedding Shoes Make You Look Different in Your Historic Day

Purple Wedding Shoes High Heel

Purple wedding shoes are example that wedding shoes do not always in white. In overall fashion, wedding is the focus point. It applies the same to wedding fashion. Wedding dress and its accessories will fades away without the right shoes. But the question arise, is it must to use white wedding shoes?Actually, the answer to the question above is no. Why white wedding shoes are commonly used? It is because people tend to match their shoes to the gowns. Wedding gowns are dominantly in white. As wedding gown to the bride express purity and beauty. But, is it necessary to use also in white wedding shoes?

No, you don’t absolutely have to use white wedding shoes. There are so many colors in this world we can choose for our wedding shoes. No, you don’t need to worry about the tackiness. Because using colored wedding shoes is fun. It makes you different. And don’t be afraid to be different and to set the trend.

Purple Wedding Shoes

Purple Wedding Shoes With Rhinestones

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About Purple Wedding Shoes

As already many people choose to ignore the conventional wedding shoes, colored wedding shoes are born. Most of them are in silver or nude colors. To be critically said, those colors are not very distinct with white. It is still a safe way of choosing wedding shoes. Why don’t they go with bold color such as purple?

Purple wedding shoes will never fail you. Purple as a color associated with luxury and nobility. Thousand years ago, purple often use in royalty family. Moreover, purple has a very deep meaning. It represents wealth, wisdom, dignity, pride, and independence. So, the bride in purple shoes may deliver such meaning and inspire other women in the place.

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Purple Wedding Shoes Flats

Now, the problem is why so many people hesitates to use bold color like purple for wedding shoes? The answer is simple. They do not learn the right way. They may have seen the bride which looks mismatched using bold color as wedding shoes. The mismatched may be happen between makeup and shoes. Pale and innocent makeup mostly use for bride. And it of course will not match the bold color of wedding shoes.

To solve it, you need to match your makeup to your overall fashion. If you are planning to use purple wedding shoes, communicates it to your makeup artist. Then, he/she can match your makeup to your shoes. He/she may use purple based make up for example.

For reference, to matches your purple wedding shoes to other wedding accessories you can custom your gown. It has been said, wedding gowns are traditionally in white but decorates it with other colors isn’t wrong. Little purple spark attached to the gown will likely match the shoes more. Or you also can use purple color jewelry. Use gemstone with purple color, but remember to not be too much.

After all, wedding celebration is yours as the bride. Why don’t go with your preference?

Purple Sparkly Wedding Shoes

Purple Shoes for Wedding

Purple Wedding Shoes Brand

There are many footwear designers who accept custom order. They not have the shoes originally in purple color, but you can ask for custom shoes. Then you will get your one and only purple wedding shoes to walk the aisle. Some wedding shoes brands which accept color custom order are:

  • Christian Louboutin
  • Badgley Mischka
  • Neiman Marcus
  • David’s Bridal
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Nina Shoes
    Purple Bling Wedding Shoes Plum Purple Wedding ShoesFunky Purple Wedding Shoes

And there are many more designers. The key is to communicate and deliver your need successfully. As purple has many shade, you will never find your purple without communicating it right.

So, don’t be afraid to choose purple wedding shoes to brighten your wedding walk. Pretty shoes never went wrong for beauty woman. And like all of you know, good shoes lead to good ways. Wishing all of you always is happy and healthy.