Tips to Choose the Right Pair of Silver Wedding Shoes

Elegant silver wedding shoes with flower

There are many things to consider when trying to get that lovely pair of wedding shoes. Picking the right wedding shoes take time and a little research but if you want to show off some fab style, you can pick silver wedding shoes.

Elegant silver wedding shoes
Cute Silver Wedding Shoes

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Platform heels in silver color are pretty straight to the point. This allows you to elevate your height without being in pain of wearing pointy heels. You can wear up to 5 inch heels and it is still feel comfortable. Platform heels and wedges are great for garden party. However, it may look bulky on your feet especially when your gown is short. When choosing wedding shoes, you need to consider thicker heels or wide sole so that it will ensure your maximum comfort.

Silver wedding shoes low heel

If you dislike any high heels or platform heels shoes, go for low heels but it may not be as sophisticated as the high heels. This is why, when choosing silver wedding shoes low heel, you have to be sure that the color is fascinating enough or eye-catchy enough. The best thing about low heels is that you can walk without worry to fall. It is also perfect for chapel –length dress because this will be invisible to the crowd.

Unique silver wedding shoes low heel
Unique silver wedding shoes low heel with flower
Silver bridesmaid wedding shoes low heel
Nice silver wedding shoes low heel

Silver bridesmaid shoes

You can match the color of the bride’s shoes with the bridesmaid shoes. Or, you can have the same pairs to make a thematic look with you and the bridesmaids.

When buying your silver wedding shoes, it is better that you have decided which gown to wear. it would be easier to mix and match when you have the gown in hand. And don’t purchase your shoes a few days before your special day because you may want to try them on and hem the gown in case the height is still not right. It will give you clear ideas on how it appears to match the gown’s length.

Silver wedge bridesmaid wedding shoes
Awesome silver bridesmaid wedding shoes
Awesome silver wedding shoes low heel
Comfortable silver bridesmaid wedding shoes

Always walk in again and again.

To mold the silver wedding shoes into your feet, you need to put them on a few times and walk with them. It would be a disaster if you walk in crippled mode because of the shoes. Don’t trigger any difficulty when trying to navigate with the new shoes. It is vital to test them on and wear them for a few hours to see if they don’t hurt.