Small Wedding Cakes: With This Wedding Cake will Make Your Wedding Party is Never Forgotten? Follow These Tips

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Wedding cakes come in various sizes, from a one-tiered to five or even six-tiered of cakes. But small wedding cakes could be awesome if you know the drills. Plus, it could also save some of the budget you have for the life of your newlywed.

It is not necessary for wedding cakes to mirror the majestic skyscrapers. Happiness comes from little things, which in this case are small wedding cakes. Do not let the small size tricks you and limits your creativity! Small wedding cakes could be super duper cute.

Elegant Small Wedding Cake

Flower Small Wedding Cake

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Small wedding cakes; one or two-tiered cakes are perfect for a small wedding party in the backyards. However, if you think a single-tiered wedding cake is too small or plain, you could always get a small version of the three-tiered wedding cake. Or if you want more fun, get two, three, even four different kinds of small wedding cakes! That way you could get different cake flavors and designs but is still budget wise instead of getting a big one with merely a single flavor and design.

Small Wedding Cake With Love

Small Wedding Cake With Fruit

In another wedding scenario, when you are holding the party in a venue and not at the back of your parents’ houses but you still want small wedding cakes yet look pretty and unforgettable on the table, simply substitute the rest of the wedding cake with cupcakes. So there are a one or two-tiered small wedding cakes at the top, and rows and rows of cupcakes in the middle to the bottom of the rest of the cake tiers. It would look extra wonderful with the cupcake decorations and is easier to share it to all your guests. You do not have to tire your hands in cutting pieces by pieces of your wedding cake to give them to the guests. Oh the joy!

Small Wedding Cake

Blue Small Wedding Cake Ideas

Simple yet still draw a lot of attention and smiles, that is what should small wedding cakes be. For more fun and for the sake of creativity, you could also play with the decorations of the cake. Throw in some edible colorful confettis, ribbons and flowers, the bride and groom figurines, and anything you want to be scattered on top of your wedding cake. Do not be afraid to go all out with your small wedding cakes! Make it wonderful and eye catching despite the small size.

Small Wedding Cake With Cupcake

Small Wedding Cake Ideas

Or, if you want to neglect the traditional wedding cake concept and think outside the box, go through to the list of things that you and your partner like, then implement the idea to be turned into small wedding cakes. It could be the shape of an ukulele that has a hidden meaning in your love story, or even a cake with an edible print of your favorite kissing or silly pictures together.

Mini Wedding Cake Pan

Love Small Wedding Cake

Beautiful Small Wedding Cake

Most importantly in the financial department, small wedding cakes cost for like merely a half of a regular huge three-tiered wedding cake. The rest of the money could go to support another budget, like the wedding dress, venue, or food. Perhaps even to help save up to buy a new car, a house, or simply to buy necessities around the house like boxes and boxes of toilet paper, coffee machine, a cute lamp, or a painting for wall decoration. Anything, really.