How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring in 2019 – 2020

Engagement Ring in Box

Engangement Ring – A question above is expected for every couple planning to get married. Before married, every couple needs to undergo an engagement step. Engagement is a promise said by two people to be married that they will marry in the period time to go. To complete an engagement, an engagement ring is needed. As a promise, an engagement use ring as a tie to promise has been made.

Engagement ring beside used as a tie, also used as a sign that the person wearing it to be married soon. In every country, there are different traditions in wearing engagement ring. For example in western countries, the engagement ring only used by women to be married, before they change it to married ring for both men and the women. Because of that, this ring also named as pre-marriage ring or promise ring.

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Engagement Ring on Hand

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The engagement ring may choose by the couple themselves. They can buy it together and decided since when they should use it. Or maybe, they can decide whether they need an engagement event or not to embark their planning of marriage.

Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Back to the topic, so how much should I spend on an engagement ring? The answer is depending on the discussion and decision made by the couple themselves. Everyone has different budget and capacity to choose their engagement ring. But, there is average cost of engagement ring in every country. You can decide your budget by checking out this average cost of engagement ring.

For example, the average cost of engagement ring in United Kingdom area is range from 1200 GBP up to 2000 GBP. Meanwhile, in United Stated this engagement ring average cost is said to be around 4000 USD.

Elegant Diamond Engangement Ring

Unique Engagement Rings Rose Gold Morganite

Engagement Ring Rose Gold Diamond

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The differences cost of engagement ring depend on the quality of the gemstone and the styling of it. A rare gemstone will increase the cost and the same with a hard to made ring. It is even made like a tradition to spend one to two month income of the man to buy the engagement ring. This is done with an intention to follow and keep honor of family.

After knowing the average cost of an engagement ring, you should find the best place to buy it. Best place to buy an engagement ring not only chosen because of the price but also because engagement ring is a very emotional experience of a couple.

Because of that, you should choose the place with the best services match your needs. Some examples of place to get your engagement ring made are James Allen, Tiffany Co, Brian Gavin, and Kohls.

Diamond Engangement Ring

Round Cut 0.75 Carat Engangement Ring

Engagement Ring Rose Gold Oval

Price Range of Engagement Ring

As it has been mentioned before, there is a wide range of price of engagement ring. Every ring has special gemstone used and special skills to be made. The list below will explain three categories of engagement ring based on its price.

First category is engagement rings under 2000 USD. An engagement ring under the budget of 2000 USD is commonly used by young couples in middle class society. They choose this range for an engagement ring to keep impressive because they society class but still keeping the budget low and below the average.

Next are the affordable engagement rings under 500 USD. Yes you heard it right, there are still engagement rings price under 500 USD. Buying this kind of category is mostly done by young couple in low-middle class society. They focus to get an affordable ring, but still with minimum impressive styling they got.

0.6ct Channel Set Princess Shaped Engangement Ring

Gold Diamond Engangement Ring

Engagement Ring Rose Gold

The last category is the cheap engagement rings under 100 USD. As this category named, it is really cheap for a price of a gemstone. This ring is commonly bought by young couples in low class society. They tend to save as much as possible money. So, the ring they got has only simple styling and minimum size of gemstone.

That is all information and choices you got about how much should you spend on an engagement ring. May it can help you greatly to planning your dream marriage concept.