Some Styles of Wedding Cake Toppers

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Wedding Cake Toppers – Having a perfect wedding is every couple’s dreams when they get married. There are things you have to manage considered a wedding party, and one of them is a wedding cake. Traditional wedding cake can still become an option. But if you want the impress the guests, having a delicious eye-catchy cake is the option. So to make your cake become an item that people will not forget, surely, you need a stunning wedding cake toppers.

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Wedding cake toppers are models or art pieces that sit atop the cake. Its coming from west culture to represent togetherness. Some wedding cake toppers also shown a passion or hobbies. The traditional wedding cake is made from a rich fruitcake. Many modern wedding cake toppers ingredients usually chocolate sponge, vanilla sponge or carrot cake.

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There are many kind of styles and themes. The most common type of usually the bride and groom standing in attire. Wedding toppers If you wanna choose the toppers, you need to know the concept of your party gonna be. It has to be match one and another. It has to be something that couple like. It has to be the essence between you and your partner. How you both have the interaction together can be represented in wedding cake toppers.

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Wedding Cake Toppers Style

  • Bride & Groom Cake Toppers: Bride and groom standing, kissing or hugging together
  • Stylish Cake Toppers: It is shown a stylish alphabet with words, like “love”, “just married”,“best day ever” or “always forever”
  • Wood Veneer Cake Toppers: It is shown a personalized wood pineer shows words like”Mr and Mrs. Harper”, “I do” or “just married”
  • Monogram Cake Toppers: It is shown one capital letter with stylish look
  • Child Cake Toppers: It is toppers with a child holding a flowers sitting on the cake
  • Pet Cake Toppers: It is featured with pets, like dog and cat

So, which one do you like for your moment? You choose.