3 Elements That Make a Vintage Wedding Cakes is Perfect

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Vintage Wedding Cakes – Vintage has the meaning of old, simple, plain and related to countryside, or in a more simple word to describe; it is rustic. But that does not necessarily means vintage wedding cakes are out of trend. Vintage style shares quite a lot of similarity with retro style. The difference is, retro style is more to the funky side and is more bold and edgy with neon colors and bling-bling accessories, it has a bit of the hip hop and a lot of disco groove to it. It is safe to say that retro style is the upgraded modern version of vintage style.

Meanwhile, vintage style is more soft and feminine. It has a classy feeling to it. More flowers, more flowy chiffon with laces and ribbons with soft but still rich colors. If retro style has bubbling soda, dancing in some clubs, boot cut jeans and afro hair, vintage style is all about wavy curled bangs afternoon tea with sweet and savory finger snacks while playing with a deck of cards, talking about husbands and whatnot. Can you grasp the idea?

Vintage Wedding Cakes Purple

Vintage Two Tier Wedding Cakes

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So make sure you do not mistake retro style for vintage style in applying it to your vintage wedding cakes.

If you are a vintage-kinda-person, and you are getting married but still have got no idea of your wedding cake, well, the idea is actually in front of you! Yes, vintage wedding cakes should be perfect for you. But, if you are not the vintage-kinda-person and did not have the knowledge of how vintage style works, here are some elements you have to know first for the perfect vintage wedding cakes!

☆ Colors

White, beige, wood colors, colors like turqoise, orange, sky blue, bright red, pale yellow are colors which are mostly used and combined to portray a vintage feeling.

Vintage Mini Wedding Cakes

Vintage Modern Wedding Cakes

Black and White Vintage Wedding Cakes Ideas

☆ Flowers

Real flowers, edible flowers, or simply flowers patterns on the fondant would make your vintage wedding cakes pretty. Flowers are seriously linked with a vintage image, judging from all the flower patterns from the fashion industry in the ’20s, ’50s, and ’70s. Also, the flowers are usually paired with some vines, twigs, and or wallflower.

☆ Accessories

There are lots of pretty accessories which have a vintage vibe to it. Things like big sunglasses, bowtie, pearls, ribbons, laces and the pattern of polkadots.

Vintage Three Tier Wedding Cakes Purple

Black and White Vintage Wedding Cakes

You must have seen almost all grandmothers you could find are wearing their pretty pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to some charity parties or something as simple as a dinner or family gathering. Why? Because pearls are so a vintage thing! Wrap edible pearls which are made from marzipan around your wedding cake to give it a classy vintage taste.

Or, you could also match the groom’s bowtie to the smaller version of the bowties which are scattered prettily on the vintage wedding cake. Even more awesome, you could match the vintage wedding cake to your vintage wedding dress, and perhaps with the rest of the vintage wedding venue decorations too!

vintage rustic wedding cake

Vintage Pearl Wedding Cakes

Simple, but these things could totally fancy up the vintage wedding cakes to the next level of prettiness.

Are you feeling the vintage vibes yet? If not, ask your grandmothers and try to go through your her wardrobes to get some inspirations from her old vintage line of clothings! Or perhaps, take a walk downtown, visit some vintage shops or even some museums, because creativity or great ideas could come from every sources, times, and places; they are unexpected, it could hit you right in the face and give you a brain freeze. But you could expect the unexpected with gorgeous and stunning vintage wedding cakes for D-day!