What to Get for Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

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One way to complete wedding anniversary celebration is by giving a wedding anniversary gift. it is not compulsory, but it is lovely and sweet thing to do. This tradition of giving a wedding anniversary gift was first started in Europe. It was when a husband is known giving a silver wreath to his wife. He gave it on the 25th year of their marriage life. Later on, more anniversaries were celebrated almost every year. There are couples who celebrated their 1st, and the other celebrated their 10th. There is no specific rule of year to celebrate wedding anniversary. But there must be different wedding anniversary gifts by year for it was celebrated.

Cotton for 2th Wedding Anniversary Gift by Year

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Entering the 20th century, celebration of wedding anniversary is deeply connected with its gifts. The year/s that has been passed determine the gifts should be chosen. Some of them are paper, crystal, silver, gold, etc. Until in 1937, the Jewelers of America concluded list of gifts to celebrate wedding anniversary and its means.

That is the history of wedding anniversary gifts which we still use until today. So don’t you want to know, what is wedding anniversary gifts by year? Here they are with the explanation of the meaning behind the gifts.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

As stated before, you can celebrate your wedding anniversary each year. But the wedding anniversary gifts by year are given only in some specific years. First year until fifteenth wedding anniversary has specific gifts. After that, wedding anniversary gifts only listed to every 5 years anniversary. Now, we are talking about the kind of wedding anniversary gifts by year.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Cake By Year

The Meaning behind Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Every gift comes with a reason and meaning. So here is meaning behind some traditional wedding gifts by year. May it can help you to choose the right gifts for this kind of occasion.

  • 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift

Gifts to celebrate 1st year of marriage in traditional ways is paper. Paper or sheet in beginning of marriage symbolized a clean start from both people. The couple can write their story littler by little in the paper. As a record how literally they spend their life time together. Paper also delivers meaning about marriage life which is very fragile in the beginning. Paper is easily destroyed and rips, so marriage spouse need to be strong.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift by Year Litle Paper

  • 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift

Traditional wedding anniversary gift to celebrate the second year of marriage is cotton. Cotton has interwoven fibers which intertwined closely as close as marriage couple. In the second year of marriage, couple will get closer more than before. They will also gift soft and strong responses such cotton. That is why marriage couple in the second year of marriage needs to understand each other need.

Cotton Apron for 2th Wedding Anniversary Gift by Year

  • 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift

People gift leather to celebrate third wedding anniversary. It symbolized how the third anniversary need to grow in strength to stabilized marriage life. Leather is also known as elements of protection. So, traditionally leather is given to remind couple to protect their marriage life.

3th Leather Wedding Anniversary Gift by Year

  • 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift

10 years passes away is a big achievement. It needs a strong protection to be able to remain devoted to each other. So tin is used as gifts to celebrate the tenth year of marriage life. It is because tin is an element that protected iron from corrosion. So, tin as iron gifts is a pray for the couple to keep devoted until forever.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift by Year

  • 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Crystal is a gift to celebrate fifteenth year wedding anniversary. Crystal is symbolized how transparence marriage life is. There are no more barriers between them. And crystal is very expensive goods. So marriage in fifteenth year is portrait as expensive as crystal.

Crystal for 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift

  • 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Twentieth year marriage age is celebrated with china as gifts. China is fragile and need much care for it long-last beauty. So, it’s like marriage in twentieth year. It needs big care, because even in that age marriage is still fragile. This gift feels like reminder to the couple, to keep working out their marriage problem and don’t give up easily.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Cake By Year

  • 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Silver is a gift in twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Globally, silver is known as material for medal after gold. So, when the first winner gets gold, the second winner will get silver. It means silver is very valuable. Like marriage age in twenty-fifth year. Very valuable and shine brighter like silver.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas By Year

  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Marriage life achieves fifty-year in age needs to celebrate with gold. Gold is portrait as prosperity and wisdom. So, couple celebrates their 50th year wedding anniversary, will get blessed with prosperity and wisdom.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas By Year

That is some wedding anniversary gifts by year we should know. May every gift meaning can really happened. So that, every marriage life can last as long as possible, until deaths do apart.