Wedding Gifts Ideas for your close friend

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Wedding Gift Ideas – As a guest, we definetely want something special to give for couple who get married. There are a lot of wedding gifts ideas but we don’t know which the couple would like.  Ideas can be anything, as long as you follow a simple rules, you won’t have anything to worry about. Remember that your gift is a show of your support for the bride and groom.

wedding gift ideas pinterest
wedding gift ideas pinterest
Wedding Gift Ideas on The Basket

First thing to remember, you have to look on your budget and how much you can effort.  Here are some wedding gifts ideas for you to give on friends special day:

  • Frame with their picture on it. To know there’s a friend care about their love journey will always reminds the couple with you.
  • CD with their favorite song. A nostalgic song for the first they had date can be a unique wedding gift ideas for the couple.
  • Put a new name of the bride. It’s an unique gift if you put the new name of the bride in a cute material.
  • Sign them for free cooking course at culinary school. A private class with their favorite menu can enjoy them together. If cooking isn’t their things you can send them to their hobbies, like diving course or photography course.
Wedding Gift Ideas CD with Favorite Song
Frame Wedding Gift Ideas
DIY Wedding Gift Ideas
  • Give them a ticket for a concert, sporting event or classical theatre. Just make sure to give them a memorable moments
  • Buy a classical book that reminds them about their love.
  • Make a scrapbooks and put their photos while their together. It’s nice if you take a candid shot them put it on our scrapbook.
customize map wedding gift ideas
creative wedding gift ideas
blanket wedding gift ideas
  • Customize map. This personalized gifts put your favorite couple place to have vacation or place when they on the creating a frameable poster then customized with their name and wedding date.
  • Two luxurious stylish blanket with their name in it really make them always remember you.
  • Set of cooking will lightened up their romantic days

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