Tips to Make An Unforgettable Wedding Invitation Wording

vintage retro wedding invitation wording

Deciding how to word your invitation can be challenging. Wedding invitation wording arranged in any style. However, it is better that you keep it polite and nice. It doesn’t have to be a formal one, of course you can make as fun as possible. For your reference, I will give you tips and examples to make your wedding invitation wording representing your style in some creative ways.

vintage wedding invitation wording

vintage wedding invitation wordingvintage retro wedding invitation wordingSimple-wording-for-wedding-invitationssimple wedding invitation wording from bride and groomsimple purple wedding invitation wordingsimple country wedding invitation wordinginformal wedding invitation wordinghomemade wedding invitation ideasdiy rustic wedding invitation wording ideasclassic wedding invitation wording


informal wedding invitation wording


Who host the wedding time pass the bride parents always hosted. Conditionally, it can be both couple, the groom parents, bride and groom parents, or everyone is involve. Very situation make difference wedding invitation wording, so follow the format on your condition. It also to honour people either they’re living or dead. To honour the dead is to alongside a member  of the couple’s.

Request/Invitation Line

It is a phrases to choose that guest are being invited. There are several ways to show.

  • At a place of worship: It’s a traditional way to show place of worship. Request the honour of your presence….
  • Informal ceremony: Would be delighted by your presence at the marriage of their children….
  • Informal reception only: When you come to party with us when…..

simple wedding invitation wording from bride and groom

simple purple wedding invitation wording

simple country wedding invitation wording

The Names

 As a star of the show, the couple get their names on separate line.  There are ways to show couple name representing the style.

  • Traditional: If the bride’s last name is the same as her parents, it is typically not repeated. No courtess title (such Mr and Mrs) is used.
  • Contemporary: If the couple or both setd of parents are to host, treats the name equally.

homemade wedding invitation ideas

diy rustic wedding invitation wording ideas

classic wedding invitation wording

The Information

This is the one line I strongly suggested to stick on the basic.  Time, date  and location shoud be all listed.

  • Traditional: Spell out numbers and capitalize prouper nouns only, you can begin the line with the preposition “on” if you’d like.
  • Contemporary: Though using numeral is more modern practise, but it’s not casual.

This is a several basic tips to have wedding invitation wording memorable in your life history. So, good luck!!.