7 Creative Wedding Reception Ideas to Make Memorable Wedding

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Wedding reception ideas should not be limited only to a closed room with lots of food, flowers, a huge wedding cake and white dress. There are lots of funs and creative ideas that can make a wedding reception party are far more memorable than the usual one.

No need to spend tons of money on applying these wedding reception ideas. The couple can customize the idea to suit their need and also the budget. Here are some of the ideas that are worth to look at:

1. Cover everything up with fabric
wedding reception ideas

barn wedding recetion ideas

The couple can get yards of specific fabric from fabric store or craft store and they can use it to cover everything in the party. It can be used to cover the table, ceiling, walls and other thing as well. Buying a bulk of fabric can be a whole lot cheaper than rent it out, although the couple also need to consider what they are going to do with it after the party is over.

2. Create a gallery of photos in the reception room

Simple wedding reception gallery photo display ideas

wedding reception gallery photo display ideas
This is a nice touch to the scene. The guest can have stroll across the room and find pictures of the bride and the groom with friends and family on different occasion before the party.

3. Provide unique entertainment

saxophonist wedding recetion ideas

Percussion wedding reception ideas
A band on a wedding party is a common thing, so why don’t try something different such as a saxophonist, a percussionist or a DJ to play the music, which is not something that most people see everyday

4. Creative food and drinks on the table

wedding reception ideas hot chocolate bar
Why stuck with the usual food and drinks? Why don’t serve something different that most guests never found in a reception wedding party. It could be anything from a local or traditional food and drinks that is pretty rare to find or perhaps serve something in a unique way such as serving chocolate bar in a piñata

5. Give surprise gift

hand made bar soap wedding reception ideas
Give something special to every guest that comes to the reception. Look for something unique and also useful. Handmade bar soap, story book or something else that will leave a long lasting impression to those who receive it.

6. Use candles everywhere

wedding reception ideas with candle decoration
Candles are inexpensive item that the couple can incorporate as the décor on their wedding reception. Hundreds of candles that glow in the night will give a romantic atmosphere

7. Have outdoor party with campfire
wedding reception ideas campfire
This is a perfect idea for those who love everything about being outdoors. Having an outdoor party with campfire will be a surprise for most people

There are tons of unique and fun wedding reception ideas to try, and it definitely will make the reception day as a very happy and memorable day for the couple and the guest.

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