The Coolest Tips and Ideas to Choose the Wedding Reception Venues

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Wedding Reception Venue – One of the most consuming parts of preparing a wedding is finding and choosing which wedding venues meets our dream. Sometimes it feels easier planned than done. Every married-couple to be might has their own problem from the size of the venue, the kicking-out time, the budget, or the distance. Moreover, some couples want extra ordinary venues more than a hotel function room. They want a wedding reception venues that will set a wonderful scene for them and the guests will always remember.

Wedding Reception Venues Outside at Night

Beautiful View Wedding Reception Venue

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We know that some couples prepare different venues for the ceremony and reception. However, having the same venue for both ceremony and celebration is much more advantageous and pleasing. And of course it will be easier to be prepared and save your budget; you don’t have to pay two separate location fees. In addition, the guests will love when they do not have to go from the ceremony venue to get to the reception.

So the wedding reception venue will set the stage for the entire celebration. Your wedding theme, wedding concept, and your guests list are some of the main considerations to choose the right wedding reception venues. Therefore, see our tips, ideas, and recommendation to make your dream wedding venue comes true.

Wedding Reception Venue at Forest

Wedding Reception Venue ideas

Tips to choose Your Wedding Reception Venue

  • Set up your wedding concept and theme

You can say that wedding concept and theme are the most influential factor to pick your wedding reception venue. Of course, if you have any specific theme, you can just book a hotel ballroom and use service from a wedding organizer to prepare it. But some couple need more and want special concept. So you can start by deciding whether you want outdoor or indoor venues and if you want a specific theme or not. For example, you can have a beach wedding or vintage wedding.

  • Plan your budget

After you know your wedding concept and theme, make sure you know how much you have the budget. By having a good plan of this, you can narrow the option list so you don’t have to check a lot of places. Planning your budget also means focusing your priorities. What are the main items you want in your wedding reception venues? If you hold a wedding party in a beach or museum hall, you already save your money for decoration since you already got stunning background from your wedding. Think of what is the most essential thing to splurge in your wedding reception venue.

White Wedding Reception Venue

Wedding Reception Venue

  • Check the facilities

Some places have been wedding reception venues for lots of times so they might provide some facilities. You can specifically check what facilities are offered there. And if you have a big guest list, make sure you choose a venue with large parking lots.

  • When to book a wedding reception venue

If you already found your dream venue, just book it as soon as possible. The soonest you book your wedding venue, the more possible you will get it in the date you want. Moreover, It will make you have more time to plan and prepare all the wedding things.

Awesome Wedding Reception Venue ideas

Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue ideas

  • Be informed about everything

Ask every detail you want to know. For instance, whether the date you choose to hold a wedding is still empty? Are there any other additional fees that need to be paid? How long does it take to prepare the wedding decoration? Moreover, do not forget to question and discuss a back- up plan. Back-up plan is not only planned for couples using outdoor concept, but also the indoor concept. For example, if the power goes out on the day, is there any available power plants that can be used? If you use outdoor concept, is there a place that can be used if it rains when the D-day? Do not be embarrassed to ask about all the things you need to ask. It’s your day and you have the rights to know about it.

Wedding Reception Venues Ideas

  • Museum Venues

Having a wedding in a museum sounds classy and unique choice. It doesn’t have to an art museum, you can also try Natural History Museums, City Museums, or even Children’s museums. Furthermore, you can ask whether the staff can provide guided tours or open certain exhibits for your guests to explore and enjoy during cocktail hour.

Wedding Reception Venues at Museum

  • Barns

If you want something more casual or having a country-themed wedding, you can use a barn as your wedding reception venue. There are lots of barns that have been a wedding venue for many times.

Wedding Reception Venues at Barn

  • Beach

Beach is one of the most favorite outdoor wedding venues. If you want both romantic and intimate wedding, you can choose beach as your wedding venues. Those stunning things like the song from sea wave, calm oceanic breeze, warm air and the beauty of sea scenery will compliments your wedding.

Beautiful Wedding Reception Venues at Beach

  • Castles

The classic and colourful interior, furnishings and fairy-tale setting will absolutely make any bride or groom feel like royalty. There are some rooms you can use for both the ceremonies and the reception.

Wedding Reception Venues at Castles